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Payment Options

Demand Draft (DD) Payment Options 

You Can Make Demand Draft (DD) from any Bank except \”State Bank of Travancore\”

Demand Draft (DD) should be drawn of your total billing amount (like for paper I Rs. 399 and paper II Rs. 450 ) in favour of JBIGDEAL Payable at SILIGURI

Once you drawn a (DD), take a PAGE write your full name, valid contact number, and full postal address (in CAPITAL LETTER)

Send these tow documents (DD and that address PAGE) using ”Speed Post” or ”Registered Post” to the following address

Netaji Road;
P.O. Falakata,
Alipurduar;  PIN – 735211
West Bengal- INDIA

NOTE:- Please Make a XEROX Copy of your Demand Draft and keep safely with you until you received our materials.

Please Note….

  • Demand Draft (DD) should be drawn for Rs. 399 (For Paper I Book)
  • Demand Draft (DD) should be drawn for Rs. 450 (For Paper II Book)
  • For Both Books Rs. 849


1.The DD can be drawn from from any bank, in favour of JBIGDEAL Payable at SILIGURI

2. Please Provide your valid contact number.

3. Send your DD through, ”Speed Post” or ”Registered Post”

4. Please Make a XEROX Copy of your Demand Draft and keep safely with you until you received our materials.

HELP call on +91-9933349441 (You talk in Bengali, Hindi and English Language only)

(Time-11.00 AM to 1.30 PM and 3.00 PM to 6.30 PM) Monday to Friday
Saturday and Sunday-  OFF

Any query please email us at support@jbigdeal.com


How to make payment by using SBI Debit card (Maestro) or Others

1. On the books Papers like Paper I or Paper II

2. Click On Buy Now Button

3. Now a new Payment site will come, (If you need more than one copy put in Quantity else)  Click on “CHECKOUT”

4. Now put your full postal address

5. Click on “REVIEW and PAY” button

6. Now you can see there is an option “DEBIT CARDS

7. Select “Maestro” /” Master” / “Visa” Debit Card option then following details will come

[Select Your Bank if required]

8. Put the following details in ( IN CAPITAL)

  • * Name on Card____________ (PAYEE NAME)
  • * Number ____________ (Bank A/c Number of Payee)
  • * Issuing Bank_____________ (NAME OF YOUR BANK

9. Click on “PROCEED”

10. Register for 3D Secure Servicewill come if you never used your card for online payment 

11. Put your ATM PIN and Account Number:

12 Make your 3D Secure Password – your password should contain-

  • at least one CAPITAL (A to Z)
  • one small letter (a to z)
  •  one number (1 t0 to 9)
  • one special character (like !,@,#,$,%,^…)
  • for eg. My$Pasword%5  (make it 8 to 12 characters)

13. Make Payment—>Finished

** Note Down your 3D Secure Password , you can use it again when you make payment through online from any website.

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